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Custom Software for Everyone

Addison I.T. creates custom software applications that help you run your business the way you want, not the way someone else thinks you should.

Free Employees

Custom Software Applications can be created for any type of business, and are surprisingly affordable.

We like to say that using software developed by Addison I.T. is like adding full-time, year-round employees for the cost of one month's salary.

Rapid Applicaton Development

Using Rapid Application Development Platforms (RAD), Addison I.T. can create custom software quickly. Because much of the basic operations of the program are built into the RAD platform, it is not a case of building "from the ground up" but rather one of applying existing tools to a specific purpose. This saves time and money, while creating a computer application that specifically suits a client's need.

This development process, combined with our broad experience with thousands of business managers permits Addison I.T. to design and deploy uniquely satisfying software solutions.

Case Study

Click Here to read about one of our customers who works daily with a custom software system from Addison I.T.

Get Started Today

For more information or a demonstration, please call Peter Addison, (604) 541-5505 or email peter@addison.ca and start down the road to saving time and making money.

Pre-designed Software

If your application and budget are not suited to a fully customized software solution, Addison I.T. can implement, and if appropriate adapt, one of our pre-designed packages for an even more afforable custom solution.

The Integrator

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The Integrator is an estimating and job management application for Windows and Macintosh. Originally designed for Print Estimating, Integrator can be applied "out of the box" to a number of different types of businesses. If you have a custom manufacturing type of business, through Rapid Application Development, we can quickly work the basics of Integrator into a custom solution for you.

"It's Great! I love it! My customers phone and say 'I hate to do this to you, but I need a quote on a different quantity.' I say, no problem, and with just a few keystrokes, there it is!"

Gay McCoan
Richmond Custom Bindery

The Integrator allows you to input the description of a job and have the system automatically calculate costs to produce an estimate/quote. Once accepted, the quote is turned into a work order (docket) at the touch of a button.

Though not an accounting system, Integrator may be used to produce a billing memo, again at the touch of a button. Memos are entered into your accounting package such as Simply Accounting or AccPac, for accounting purposes.

Integrator also offers customer relations management in the form of correspondence and telephone record management.

Integrator is affordable estimating and job management for small and medium-sized companies.


Taps! is a Telephone CRM & Marketing Software. Keep track of all your "taps" (potential clients, donators or advertisers).

Customer Relations Management (CRM) is an important part of today's business model. TAPS allows you to keep track of, and report all appointments and telephone contacts with a prospective or current customer. With indivual "To-Do lists, Appointment lists and an overview calendar, you can manage multiple telephone or outside sales representatives at a glance.

With TAPS Telephone Marketing for multiple publications or projects at the same time, fast generation of printed or electronic "tap cards" and separate invoice layouts for each project on plain paper are key features.


Checkout is designed as Bed and Breakfast Booking Software. With a small initial investment, Checkout helps you quickly identify and record the proceedings of booking your accomodations facility.

It provides an email or fax confirmation form, as well as records and tracks deposits. When your guests arrive you will have a professionally printed bill including the accommodations and all the "extras" that the have asked for.

At the end of the month or year, you can print reports that help you with those pesky sales tax reports, as well as income statements and the all-important management planning items that help you keep on top of your business.


Hearthware helps your commercial bakery plan its production for days or weeks in advance. If your bakery works in wholesale and retail environments, Hearthware will help you plan multiple daily bakes to ensure timely delivery to wholesale customers with varying orders, while at the same time being ready for your own retail customers at the time they need it.

Hearthware keeps track of all your recipes to produce efficient materials usage for any size of batch or any baked product.

Hearthware will keep track of wholesale customers' orders with a fast grid-based order form for a week's worth of order input on a single screen. Customers simply fill out a paper form. The form is input to a similar electronic form, which then produces daily orders for each wholesale outlet. The orders are combined with all other needs on that day and a production sheet is printed providing clear total bakes for the bakery floor.

When the bake is done, Hearthware has delivery slips and invoices ready for each wholesale outlet, keeping deliveries orderly and cash flow under control.

For More Information

For more information or a demonstration, please call Peter Addison, (604) 541-5505 or email peter@addison.ca

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