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What We Can Do for You:

Addison Information Technology

Addison I.T. provides computer and network technical support.

For our clients in White Rock and Greater Vancouver British Columbia, We maintain and install computer systems and networks including Local, Internet and Virtual Private networks. We operate and maintain complex server software for clients from our office using advanced remote access technologies. We support and train our clients in the use of computer technology.

Custom Software

For a larger audience, we design and customize software solutions (Management Information Systems) that create automated electronic forms, and the human interface systems that work with them. Utilizing extensive knowledge of business management gleaned from over 25 years experience in systems design, Addison I.T. creates systems that work the way you do, not systems that make you work the way someone else thought you should.

What are Management Information Systems?

Management Information Systems help you get more efficency from technology tools.

Management information systems (MIS) are systems and procedures to designed to execute management instructions and provide accounting and auditing information. "In the old days," (about 3 weeks ago, I think) these systems were paper-based systems, such as order forms, invoices, inventories, booklets and other instructions and records. These systems are quickly becoming electronic; i.e. stored and managed on a computer.

Managing systems on computer means that you can take related information and use it mutiple times without reentering. For instance a customer database can be accessed to automatically fill out multiple quotations with all the important customer information. Or a database of repeated procedures can be called up and used like building bricks to create an estimate for a job. Once the estimate is done, it can be used in multiple forms such as a printed quote, a shop work order and an invoice, without duplicating any information entry procedures.