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Corporate Networking

Addison I.T. division assists its clients in achieving maximium benefit from their use of network infrastructure.

One service currently much in demand is to network local computers together, and then link the entire network to the internet via secure firewalled broadband routers.

Addison also sets up and maintains network infrastructure for efficient use of email, calendering, shared files, printers and applications. Consulting services will provide custom solutions to meet each unique client's needs and resources.

Live in the Cloud.


Addison Graphics Ltd. develops marketing and information systems using HTTP (Web) interfaces.

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Addison Graphics combines decades of design and marketing experience with decades of high-level computer knowledge to provide you with the most well-rounded full service web design.

Our services may include:

  • Understanding how a business currently markets it's products and services
  • Determining what the website should do
  • Deciding which information should be displayed
  • Gathering information and images
  • Designing colour schemes & layout
  • Creative Writing to take information from an interview and/or point-form information
  • Creative artwork and freehand illustration
  • Hosting and other Internet services
  • Creating an operational live system of information